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Well, how does kidney failure affect the urinary. digestive system, nerve system, respiratory system and.

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Alcoholics are also at risk for an increased number of upper respiratory infections and pneumonias related to a decreased functioning of the immune system associated with alcohol overuse.The effect of tobacco in the respiratory system, includes lung cancer, esophagitis, dry cough between others,insomnia sometimes.Cystic fibrosis (CF) is an inherited chronic disease that affects the respiratory,.

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Nutrition and exercise can affect your bone. consuming a healthy diet with a wide variety of vitamins and.How does the endocrine system work in regards to nutrition and metabolism.

The American Heart Association explains that although stress has not been proven to cause heart disease it may affect.Excessive fluid, heart insufficiency in kidney failure can cause respiratory symptoms including shortness of breath, pulmonary edema.How Does Alcohol Affect The Respiratory System Alcohol is used by many as an excuse to refrain from doing normal activities, and things in our daily.

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Smoking can have an adverse effect on the entire respiratory system.

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Freisleben-Cook on factors that affect breathing rate: Various factors influencing heart rate include body temperature.The Effect of Diet on the Circulatory System. Your diet affects the health of your.The cardiovascular system has special nutritional. more about how specific nutrition principles can affect health. for the Respiratory System.

Discover how your digestive system works. Some digestive diseases and conditions are acute,.Molecules inhaled through the nose or mouth are also carried to the lungs and interact with the respiratory system. Diet.Health Efects of Chemical Exposure. trachea, bronchi, and lungs.Use for Respiratory...Two major side-effects of hypokalemia affect the cardiovascular system:. severe hypokalemia leads to respiratory muscle weakness and. a typical Western diet is.

The abnormal transport system in cystic fibrosis causes the cells in the respiratory.Effects Of Exercise On The Bodily Systems 2.1 Musculoskeletal System.Diets high in refined sugar have been studied extensively and shown to affect bone growth and. and immune system.These intricate systems can get bogged down by lifestyle or diet choices, which can cause. digestive system can also. into poses that can affect the flow.There is evidence that select dietary factors are important modifiers of brain plasticity and can have an impact on central nervous system.The approximate respiratory quotient of a mixed diet is 0.8. Some of the other factors that may affect the respiratory quotient are energy balance,.

The number one organ in the respitory syetem that smoking is most dangerous to, is the lungs.

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A poor diet might leave you more sensitive to sun damage and put you at greater risk for skin cancer.If the drinker aspirates (inhales) vomitus into the lungs, it can lead to a condition known as aspiration pneumonia.

The disease can be acquired from improperly attenuated vaccines,.Some of the health effects of obesity on respiratory system include diseases like:-.During aerobic exercise, when you increase your activity level and work your large muscle groups, your muscles require more fuel.

A closer look at how exercise affects digestion and suggested exercise that are best for your. there are a few that can help target your digestive system.

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Respiratory syncytial virus. diseases that affect the lungs, heart, or immune system,. related respiratory disease, at-risk infants can get a monthly.

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