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She is a math teacher and a four time IPF World Champion and 2 time USAPL National.Jennifer Thompson SSP Athlete and World Champion Weightlifter.Jennifer is part of a new e-book called Powerlifting For Women.I know that she is a bench specialist, but as a top competitive powerlifter,.She feature thousands of videos, galleries, and articles related to bodybuilding and fitness.I am a 39 year old mother of two boys, wife, algebra teacher and I.P.F. World Champion Powerlifter.

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Jennifer Thompson sits down with EBI to discuss her experience in Powerlifting, share her story and offer her advice to new and experienced lifters.

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Iridology analysis, water fasting, juice fasting, colon cleansing.Mashpedia is the largest online videos Encyclopedia, featuring millions of videos.Jennifer Thompson: Alyssa Hitchcock: Priscilla Ribic: Liane Blyn: Jill Arnow: Leigh West: Year 44 kilograms.

There are a few lifters who seem to possess super human strength, and Jennifer Thompson definitely ranks in that category.

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Jennifer Thompson is a 9th grade math teacher and her students are constantly challenging her to arm wrestle them.


I have been powerlifting since 1999 and competed in the 132.Priscilla Ribic, one of the best female deadlifters of all time.Take everything you would expect one of the greatest powerlifters of all time to be.During the attack, she tried to memorize what the man looked like so she could identify him later.

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Jennifer Thompson. Increasing Your Bench Without Gaining Weight by Jennifer Thompson for.

Secrets of Increasing Your Bench-press But Not Your Weight with Jennifer Thompson.Jennifer Thompson, Noah Chambreau, Becca Swanson,...

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I am not just referring to phenomenal women lifters such as Jennifer Thompson or Sioux-z Hartwig.

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